The Rice Purity Test: What It Is and How to Take It

The Rice Purity Test: What It Is and How to Take It


It’s a simple questionnaire containing 100 weird-to-unspeakable questions. The survey aims to find out how guiltless you are. And it only works if you answer honestly. Rice Purity Test is a fun way of calling someone completely wicked or in the clear as a child.


Why Do You Call It a “Rice” Test? 

It’s not the rice you’d think of. It’s the name of a well-known person, William Marsh Rice. Mr. Rice was the guy behind the Rice Institution in Houston, TX. However, he’s not the person who created the test. According to several documents, the first purity quiz was generated at his university long after his death. So, it’s named after the university—and not Mr. William Marsh.

The Story Behind All the Innocence Quizzes in the History

Most experts believe that RU students invented the innocent quizzes as we know them now. They generated the Rice Purity Test back in 1924 (almost a century ago). And their point was to determine which students have had a naughtier campus life.

However, the questionnaire went popular fast. And it was published in several magazines, school newspapers, etc. Since there was no internet back then, the questions were hard to find. However, the test stood the test of time and became viral again in 2020!

Of course, some say the world’s first purity test was created in the 1980s. They believe that it was MIT students who made an MIT Test-like questionary to assess others’ goodness. (But that remains a mystery to this day).


How Did Rice Purity Test Go Viral?

Users of Twitter recently made the RPT go viral again. According to The Tab, users of social media are sharing their purity score more than ever. However, the quiz surfaced on the internet back in the 2000s. According to Slate, that was the first time someone put the questions on a website. Spark, a matchmaking site, was the initial online home to this type of quiz. And it has continued to get passed on ever since.

In recent years, other websites such as QuizExpo and RicePurity modernized the classic test. While they kept the questions the same, they added a 2020 video to them. And that’s another reason why the idea went viral again.

What Does Rice Purity Score Mean?

Every website has its way of calculating the rice purity score. However, it’s mainly on a scale of 0 to 100, with 100 being the most innocent person—and 0 being the most wicked one.

Real Purity: People who get the highest scores are the pure ones. Usually, a score of more than 50 means you are not as immoral as you thought. But scores more than 80 are the real morally uncorrupted people.

A bit of Naughtiness: Scores between 30 to 50 indicate that you’re a little bit evil. While you might not be a ruthless person, you still know what immoral feels like.

Having an Active Evil Within: If your score is less than 20, you have done some terrible things. (Just joking). Most adults who had a social life would score less than that. But it’s not usual for a teenager to get such a high grade. So, tone it down, guys.

Actions to Take After Completing the Quiz

The scores don’t mean anything highly important. However, your answers to any questions can reveal who you are. (Or at least offer some clues). So, you might want to take some action after completing the Rice Purity Test.

If you scored 80-100: You’re pure. But is that a good thing? For most adults, scoring more than 80 is not a piece of good news. That is an indication of isolation and a lack of social interactions. If you’re an adult who has not experienced serious relationships, romance, you might want to do something about it.

Of course, some people (such as nonsexual individuals) decide not to engage in sexual activities. But that’s another story. If social anxiety is what makes you hold yourself back, you should face it. Maybe consulting a therapist and being more active in your community will help.

If you scored 55-79: Everything is normal. Most adults probably have had the same experiences as you. But if you’re under 15 years old and still got a 45-59 point, you’re a naughty person. Your parents would not want to know what you’ve done for sure!

If you scored 30-54: Such a result shows that you’re a social person. You’re not shy. And you had lots of fun experiences in your life. However, people who score 30-54 are 20+ years old. So, if you’re under 20 and still got the results, phew. You’ve had an exciting life.

If you scored 0-29: People who see this result are the rarest. Currently, there’s no evidence of someone getting 0 points in the Rice Purity Test. Of course, if you say Yes to all the questions, you’ll get a 100% wickedness result. However, very few people could end up having such results with honest answers.

Is There Any Other Kind of Purity Quiz?

Yes, you can find all sorts of purity quizzes on the internet. ICYMI, there’s also a TikTok purity test out there! However, the most popular ones are:

  • Drinking Purity Tests: They contain 20-100 questions about drinking liquor and possible drinking issues. In the end, you get to find out if you’re a pure alcohol-free person—or a drunken one.
  • Virginity Purity Tests: As the title suggests, these quizzes tell you how virgin you are. (Sounds weird, right?). You should answer several questions about sex, drinking, and romance. And the answers reveal your virginity pureness.
  • Women Purity Tests: They are pretty much the same thing as the virginity quizzes. Most societies believe that sexual activities reduce the purity of a lady. So, such questionaries aim to realize how much you know about physical intimacy.
  • High-School Purity Tests: These quizzes are popular among teenagers. The questions are a bit naughtier than most other tests. And the vibes are more attractive. However, an adult needs a secure connection to UrbanDictionary to figure out what the questions mean. That’s because such quizzes are full of teenage terms.

The Point of Taking the Purity Test of Rice

Honestly, there’s no real point. It’s a questionary to have fun. However, people use it for various purposes. (See below).

  • Just to know how naughty you are

Don’t you wonder how immoral you are? Do others believe that you’re a polite person while you don’t think so? Well, take the Rice Purity Test and prove it.

  • Show off

Are you proud of your weird and immoral experiences? Do you believe in being a bad boy/girl? That’s okay; our test can reveal how disoriented you are. It’s an excellent way to show off your impishness.

  • Joining Twitter trend

Twitter users are sharing their scores these days. And the Rice Purity Test is a trend right now. So, if you want to join the trend and share YOUR pureness with others, take the quiz right now. QuizExpo lets you share the results directly to your Twitter feed.

  • Recalling your spicey memories

Are you settled down? Have you stopped those naughty acts of teenagehood? Well, that sounds a-okay. But what do you say to recall some of those memories? Don’t you want to look back and smile at all the things you have done as a teen? If yes, you should take the Rice Purity Test ASAP.

  • Messing with your friends

Send the link to your friends. Ask them to take the test and share the results in your chat groups. It’s a fun way to mess with your pals. You can also play a truth-or-dare game based on these questions. That could make things even more interesting.

Things to Know About the QuizExpo Rice Purity Test

  • The questions: You take the original Purity Test from 1924. However, the items are slightly different. That’s because the QuizExpo team wants you to enjoy the whole game. There are 100 queries on the list that you should answer with yes and no.
  • The answers: The answers are simple. All you need to do is to say “Yes” or “No.” Be honest if you want the results to be as accurate as possible.
  • The results: After answering all 100 queries, you get to see the results. It’s a number on a scale of 0-100. The lower you score, the less pure your mind and body are.


1. What type of test am I taking?

This is the original quiz created by the Rice University of Houston, TX.

2. Can I share the results with my friends?

Yes, you can share the results of the Rice Purity Test with your friends. All you need to do is to click the share button at the end of the result page.

3. How can I send the Purity Test to my friends?

You can share the link with your friends. Also, sharing the results with others gives a chance to others to participate as well.

4. The question is a “yes and no” to me, what do I do?

Choose the one that makes more sense. You have either experienced something or not. So, keep it simple.

5. Is my information safe?

QuizExpo never stores your information. The results are only visible to you. And they go away as soon as you leave the website.

6. Can others see my results?

No, no one can see the results of your Rice Purity Test unless you share it.

7. I see a number on my result. What does that even mean?

The number or percentage of your results indicates how pure you are. 0 is the most innocent person, and 100 is the most wicked one. So, the higher score you get, the naughtier you are.

Final Words:

In conclusion, taking an official Rice Purity Test can be a fun and interesting way to reflect on your behavior and compare yourself to others. However, it is important to remember that the test is not a comprehensive or accurate measure of a person's character or behavior. Your score on the test should not define you as a person, and it is important not to place too much importance on the results. Additionally, it is important to answer the questions honestly and not to overthink them